Friday, July 2, 2010

Columbus laptop repair - MSI netbook, HP Laptop

Had a customer come in with an MSI netbook the other day telling me it was running slow when connecting to the internet and she wasn't able to use it to access her online college class from Columbus State. The problem was that McCaffee Internet Security had downloaded itself when she upgraded Adobe and caused all sorts of problems since Norton Internet Security was also on her system. The problems were too numerous that were created and it was easier and more econmical for the customer to just get everything restored to factory condition. I had another customer who has an HP laptop that is overheating and shutting down. It has caused numerous operating system errors too because it would shut down while trying to boot. I imagine this computer will probably need a good cleaning and the operating system reloaded as the errors he has described are indicative of the operating system itself has been corrupted.

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