Monday, May 17, 2010

Broken MacBook, Burnt out LCD and Bad Power Connector

Had 3 laptops come in this weekend. The first laptop that needed repaired was a Dell that would turn on for 5 seconds before the screen went dark. More than likely this is an issue with the inverter going bad. If the LCD lights were going bad (white's on screen look pink on bootup) then the screen is probably at fault.

The second laptop was a Mac Book. The customer had dropped it and bent the frame. The disk for reloading the operating system was stuck in the superdrive as a result. The computer did not operate correctly and every attempt to reload the OS failed. More than likely the superdrive was damaged in the drop and will need replaced. A new bottom frame will probably be needed as well unless I can bend the aluminum frame back into it's original shape.

The third laptop is a Dell that had the LCD lights actually have a bad solder connection and was sparking across the terminals. This melted some of the plastic on the LCD and caused the screen to go dark. I am going to replace the inverter along with the screen on this because I'm afraid the inverter may have been damaged drawing too much current as a result of the sparking inside the LCD.

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