Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I picked up 3 laptops yesterday.

The first laptop was a Gateway laptop that has a dc power connector. This will take approximately 2 hours to fix. In addition, the customer was not able to connect to his wireless network so I will have to fix this after the connector was fixed.

The 2nd laptop was a Dell 1521 that had a very pale image on the screen and no backlight. The customer stated that the bottom portion of the screen got very hot and then the light went out. 90% of the time this is an inverter issue and the the other 10% is a bad screen. With the inverter being the cheapest component, this is always the first item to try.

The 3rd laptop was an acer that had a broken screen. I always like hearing the stories about how the lcd screen was broken. I've heard everything from the customer stepping on the computer to it getting hit with every object under the sun. In this case, it was an elbow that took out the screen. A cracked screen is usually indicative of a spider web fracture pattern across the screen and multiple lines and colors not normally seen. Some of the screen still works but regardless it needs replaced.

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