Monday, May 3, 2010

Computers, Desktops & Laptops Oh my...

This week has been an interesting week already. I will be working on a desktop computer that is a Compaq Presario this week that keeps randomly shutting down. Sounds like an overheating problem since it is shutting off after a couple of hours of running every time. Also have a Dell Studio laptop in the pipeline that will need a screen replaced. This one's a little unique in that it has a HD LCD on it which tends to be a little pricier than normal.

Last week I picked up a couple of laptops that both had a bad DC power connector. The first was a HP that also needs a new screen, battery and the customer also wanted a memory upgrade. The other laptop had a hard drive going bad in it so data recovery was needed too. Disassembly of those types of laptops are always fun as there's a lot of electronics crammed into a little space. The last one I picked up last week was an acer that had picked up a virus. I was able to use my favorite tool, CCleaner, to help clean that laptop up. From the same customer location I picked up an SD card that was accidently formatted and had vaction videos from Disneyland on it. I really enjoyed being able to drop off a DVD that had the recovered videos and making another customer extremely happy about getting their data back.

Last week was a busy week and this one doesn't look like it's going to slow down at all. Looking forward to a couple of screen replacements and another power connector replacement.

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